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Reviews of Dog Angel

“It is through her deft, contained and often witty touch with language that Kercheval is able to seduce us with the everyday world, and then surprise us as to what riches (and darkness) lie both below and above the status quo.”
Capital Times
(Madison, Wisconsin)

“Kercheval is a poet unafraid of the universal questions of how we came to be and what we do once on this earth and in these bodies. Dog Angel shows us the world’s
rough and refined beauty and challenges us to learn from it, in language that encompasses both song and joke, and is always finely tuned to both the real world and any and all worlds beyond it.”
Allison Joseph

“Juxtaposing American pop culture and European tradition, [Kercheval] takes readers to the Zippo Museum and the Prado, to a college town where ‘everyday we slouched / toward this Bethlehem of lunch counters.’ Kerchevals imagination torques language; she elegizes human innocence (‘golden in a marzipan of calm’) and critiques the experiences of adult child, artist, parent.”
Robin Becker